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Kanye West interrupts the Pope's resignation.
A 'TX Original' created by Tom TX Welham 12/02/2013

How To Make Your Own Video 'TXDP' Style

  1. Get a bunch of your mates online
  2. Use FRAPS to record the imminent mayhem...
  3. ????
  4. Upload to YouTube.

The TX

Tom TX Welham Some time in the very early 21st century, Tom Welham went to a new LAN gaming centre in his home town of Colchester. He was asked to pick a username, and right there he came up with one.
A name that was short and unique, a name that consisted of 'T' for Tom and 'X' for "no reason other than it is the coolest letter of the alphabet". Nice one Tom, very clever.

TX's Top Tip

Never get drunk and join an American TF2 server, then proceed to insult Americans, forgive them for 'being a bit dim', and then tell them you love them and that they're awesome. Yeah, seriously don't do that.

Where To Find TX

Most of the time TX spends online is spent playing Team Fortress 2 on UKMD servers. He's probably playing the Badwater 24/7 server right this minute...